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Golden West College Guidelines Regarding Student Computer Usage. Please Read!

Looking for the DA150 Photoshop, DA135 Illustrator or DA170 Graphic Design Online Class?
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Welcome to the GWC Digital Arts Program!
We would like to welcome everyone back for another semester here at GWC. We suggest that you purchase a portable drive to store your class work here and at home. Here are our suggestions:
firelite drive

Portable 20GB-500GB Firewire or USB 2 Hard Drive.
This drive does not need a power cord or drivers to work in OSX or Windows. This will also last you the longest in terms of use and holds as much as an internal hard drive. Many manufactures make these drives now and make sure the unit is self powered and does not need a power supply. These can be bought at Costco, Fry's, Best Buy, MicroCenter or anywhere hard drives and computer accessories are sold.

You can also build your own usually under $99. You would need to purchase a drive enclosure (usually $10-$30) and a 2.5" Notebook Hard Drive (Depending on size $40-$99). If you need help please see Sean in the lab for help and or advise on where to purchase parts.

Price Range: $89-$299


Apple iPod or iPhone/iPod Touch
These can be purchased at most stores now and come in a wide range of sizes. The iPod can be used as a portable hard drive, and you also get the video and music functions as well. I would suggest any of the models except for the shuffle version, it's storage is a bit small. I would suggest purchasing them directly from Apple online or at the Apple store because you get a student discount. See the Apple website for more info.

Price Range: $149-$399

firelite drive

USB Flash Drives ranging from 128MB to 12GB in size.
These can be purchased at any computer or retail store and from the bookstore on campus. A 128MB or 256MB should work well for most classes. They range from $19 to $100 dollars. Try Sam's Club, Fry's, Microcenter or Costco for the lowest prices and keep an eye out in the Sunday paper for rebates. The GWC Bookstore also carries these in stock.

gwc logo

Get Adobe software at amazingly low student prices!

Get the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Premium for only $309.00
Includes - Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, GoLive and Acrobat Pro 9 and much more!!


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Tutors Needed for All Digital Arts Classes

We are currently looking for an experienced user who has taken Digital Arts classes in the past to be a tutor here on campus in the Tutoring Center. If you would be interested in becoming a paid tutor for either of these classes please see Sean or email him at to get more details.

gwc logo

Learning Resources Student Computer Center
The open lab which is located in the Library building across from the Music building has 11 Macintosh systems that are set up the same as the Mac's in the labs a. You will be able to login and use your account just like the labs upstairs. To enroll follow these directions:

STEP ONE: Enroll at the Admission and Records office. The cost is $8 for the semester, which includes a disk or CD, case, and 20 printouts per day.

STEP TWO: Bring your new class printout back to the LRSCC and sign the student usage agreement.

Image of Adobe PDF IconFor more information Download a PDF file with all the SCC info

gwc logo

FREE TUTORING available for the Digital Arts Classes
Free tutoring is available on campus from the Tutoring Center located in the Library building in Room 100D and can be reached at 714-895-8904. The Tutoring Center is also looking for students to become tutors. For more information please contact the Tutoring Center or see Sean in the Digital Arts office.

gwc logo

The GWC Bookstore carries a large selection of discounted software instock for the Mac and PC!

Click here to download the latest PDF pricelist!

Veterans History Project Thumbnail

DA Gallery Online > ART174/DA177 Veterans History Project Gallery
View a sample of the final projects from Angela Gomez's DA115 Typography Class.

Click here to view the online gallery.

Joe King Artwork

DA Gallery Online > DA115 Typography Final Project Gallery
View a sample of the final projects from Angela Gomez's DA115 Typography Class.

Click here to view the online gallery.

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PIASC- Printing Industries Association, Inc of Southern California
Printing Industries Association of Southern California, Inc. (PIASC) is the trade association for the graphic arts community in Southern California. It was founded in 1935, and today it is the largest graphic arts trade association in the nation. PIASC is affiliated with Printing Industries of America, the largest national graphic arts association in the world, and the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation.
For more information click here.

Veteran's History Project Links for DA174 Students
Click here to get a list links to sites and articles that can help you with this project.

Discount Student Price on Communication Arts
Subscribe to Communication Arts today and take advantage of our special student subscription price! You get one-year (8 issues) for only $39, a savings of 68% off the newsstand price. Subscription envelopes are available in the lab.
Click here for more info.

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GWC Financial Aid Information
The Financial Aid Office and Digital Arts Department at Golden West College strongly encourages students to apply for financial aid. To view more info on financial aid click here.


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